In 2000, Dr. Frank Eshelman, a retired engineering professor from the University of Wisconsin -- Platteville, was approached by a homeschooling family who sought his expertise in teaching their children chemistry. Dr. Eshelman immediately realized that he needed to develop a safe, effective, dependable, and affordable chemistry kit to meet the needs of homeschool students. He accomplished this by basing his innovative kit upon the microscale method (which requires significantly less chemicals than a traditional chemistry laboratory) and writing a clear, step-by-step lab manual to accompany the kit. He named the award-winning kit MicroChem and upon that flagship founded the company that would soon become Quality Science Labs.

Dr. Eshelman’s son, John, succeeded his father in ownership of Quality Science Labs. John, his family, and additional college and high school instructors with over 200 years combined teaching experience, expanded the QSL line to include Physical Science, Biology, Physics , Life Science, and Earth Science kits. Soon schools with limited resources requested

the cost-effective kits to help their educators succeed in teaching scientific concepts to their students with crucial hands-on experiments. Advanced college preparatory kits were developed and today prestigious universities use our customized kits as an accompaniment to their science courses.

We ship our compact and durable kits all over the world where any clean table can be a science laboratory.

Quality Science Labs founder, Dr. Frank Eshelman (pictured left), teaching chemistry students with his MicroChem kit. Dr. Eshelman held a bachelor of science degree in math, a master of science degree in physics, and a Ph.D. in materials science.