Advanced MicroChem Kit Refill

Advanced MicroChem Kit Refill


This is the refill kit for the Advanced MicroChem Kit.Refill SuppliesMetals and sandpaperPalmitic acidParaffin waxPhenolphthalein stripspH paperChromatography paperSteel woolAcetic acid, 0.1 M solutionAscorbic acid, dryBromophenol BlueCalcium Nitrate, 0.1 M solutionCopper nitrate, 0.1 M solutionDistilled water in dropper bottleMixed food coloringHydrochloric acid, 0.1M solutionMagnesium sulfate, dryNickel Nitrate, 0.1M solutionPotassium Hydroxide, 0.1 M solutionPotassium iodide, 0.1M solutionPotassium permanganate bottle, 0.01 M solutionSodium Acetate, 0.1M solutionSodium...

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This is the refill kit for the Advanced MicroChem Kit.

Refill Supplies
Metals and sandpaper
Palmitic acid
Paraffin wax
Phenolphthalein strips
pH paper
Chromatography paper
Steel wool
Acetic acid, 0.1 M solution
Ascorbic acid, dry
Bromophenol Blue
Calcium Nitrate, 0.1 M solution
Copper nitrate, 0.1 M solution
Distilled water in dropper bottle
Mixed food coloring
Hydrochloric acid, 0.1M solution
Magnesium sulfate, dry
Nickel Nitrate, 0.1M solution
Potassium Hydroxide, 0.1 M solution
Potassium iodide, 0.1M solution
Potassium permanganate bottle, 0.01 M solution
Sodium Acetate, 0.1M solution
Sodium Hydroxide, 0.1M solution
Sodium Oxalate, 0.1M solution
Sodium Sulfate, 0.1M solution
Sodium Thiosulfate, 0.1M solution
Zinc Nitrate, 0.1M solution
Filter paper, round
PH paper (universal)
Pipet, graduated
Pipet, mini
Pipet, thin stem